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Ahh, Gay Coffee, you say…?

That’s right people: it’s coffee, and it’s gay!

First, we find the highest quality fair trade, organic coffee in the world. Then, it’s lovingly roasted, in small batches, by hand – by gays! But that’s not all. At Gay Coffee, we take some stereotypes and themes we all recognize, we own them and have fun with them, and then we throw in a splash of our collective cultural and civil rights history. The result is the fusion of fabulous coffee and our unique legacy.

Gay owned and operated, we strive to make a unique product that is as delicious as it is informative and super fun, and a percentage of all profits from Gay Coffee will benefit the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Stone Butch Breakfast Blend

Butch/femme lesbian culture emerged in the first decades of the 20th century in the bohemian, working-class neighborhood of cities like New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Energized by the social changes brought about by WWII, butch/femme culture expanded dramatically in the 1940s and 50s.

Butch/femme culture is now part of a tapestry of lesbian identities and contributes to a distinct, vibrant gender system that celebrates women loving women in America. This classic, medium roasted coffee is “untouchably delicious” any time of day!


Second Date

Throughout the twentieth century, lesbian communities and cultural networks have flourished and provided spaces for women who love other women.

From the turn of the century New England “Boston Marriages,” to the softball leagues of the 1950s, to lesbian separatist communities of the 1970s, these connections have been vital to the emergence modern lesbian cultures, relationships, and political presence in the United States.  One sip of this smooth, dark roast and you’ll want a second date!


Red Hanky Roast

Sexual expression and celebration have always been a critical part of the gay male culture.

In the liberation era following the Stonewall Riots, an ethos of sexual freedom emerged in neighborhoods such as San Francisco’s Castro District and New York’s Greenwich Village that challenged decades of homophobia and sexual repression. This roast celebrates the power of sensuality and sexuality to change our lives and the world. Play safe!

Red Hanky Roast. (PRNewsFoto/Gay Coffee)


See this video, I hope you will enjoy it.


Good Morning Mary!

One of the most enduring and influential aspects of gay culture in America has been the delightful sensibility of camp. In eras when gay men faced the intense threat of persecution from the vice squad, camp and drag offered coded behavior that allowed individuals to identify each other without risking arrest.

A wry celebration of humor and joy in the face of social ostracization, camp, and drag reminds us that life is a party to be celebrated! Enjoy this smooth blend of dark and medium roasted beans – it’s truly fabulous!